Use neck stretches to prevent neck strain when you sit for long periods!

Relieve and Prevent Neck Strain by Performing Neck Stretches

It’s so important when your neck is feeling sore and stiff, or just even as a preventative measure when you have to sit for long periods, to make sure you take breaks and stretch.  Hunching forward and repetitive motions can have a real toll on our bodies and cause neck strain and neck spasms, so it’s important to break the cycle.  There are so many reasons to avoid long periods of sitting that I will leave that for another post, but suffice it to say there are many health benefits to getting up out of your chair and taking breaks!

That is easier said than done, however.

If you are like me, you always have the best intentions of taking breaks from the computer, but somehow you get busy and time goes by, and suddenly you realize you’ve gone hours without a true break.  I work from home which actually tends to make the problem even worse, because I don’t get up to interact with other people in the office, and I spend a lot of time on conference calls where I’m usually using the computer at the same time, which makes it difficult to move.

Remind Yourself to Stretch Regularly

One thing that you really need to do is create some kind of cue which reminds you, or triggers you, to take a short break and stretch.  Set the alarm on your calendar at work to go off at designated periods, use the alarm on your smartphone, or set a traditional alarm clock or timer.  Whatever works!

This is a really nice short video which shows a simple 5 minute yoga routine that you can easily do to stretch out your neck and upper back while sitting at your computer or desk.  No excuses!  A bit of stretching and deep breathing can do wonders, and it will also help you to concentrate better as well, an added bonus!

I hope you enjoy it.



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