Traction and how it can be used to relieve neck pain

Traction and how it can be used for neck pain relief

Our neck is a complicated structure made up of nerves, bones, muscles and tendons and ligaments. It is a vital part of the body that supports heavy load. Experiencing cervical neck pain is very common among people. Let us discuss the issues related to cervical spine pain in detail and explore how traction can bring us relief.

The causes of cervical spine pain

The neck is an extremely flexible part of the body. But it has its limitations. Poor posture or minor injuries can lead to cervical spine pain. Twisting the neck too far or too quickly can also make it hurt. Car accidents can also injure the neck leading to pain.

Symptoms of cervical spine pain

Experiencing pain in the neck in the morning is very common which results from poor sleeping posture. A dull pain in the neck is the usual symptom. Often it is associated with facial pain, shoulder pain and even headache. A sharp shooting pain, numbness and tingling are usual symptoms of neck pain. You should consult your doctor and take rest along with appropriate medication.

Relieve neck pain with traction

Most of the doctors opine that traction is an excellent option to relieve neck pain. Traction is a very common type of medical treatment for neck pain. By applying suitable amount of pressure or pull, patients can experience relieve from neck pain. Neck pain resulting from muscle spasms and pinched nerves can be treated successfully through traction.

Traction can relieve neck pain effectively and also increase joint mobility along with improving posture. Traction for cervical spine pain can be given at home under medical supervision. Often the therapist provides manual traction by positioning the patient’s neck in his hands.

Mechanical traction is also suitable to relieve cervical spine pain. Equipment is used to position the neck and the therapist applies a specific amount of pull.

Home traction units are available in the market. These are simple units which often comprise of a water bag to generate the stretch to the neck. The patient can use it either in the sitting position or while lying down. A hand-held air pump is provided to apply the pull and a gauge helps the patient to monitor the amount of force he is applying.

It should be remembered that cervical traction is a temporary treatment that can be sufficient to relieve muscle spasms and swelling and short-term pain. Moreover you should only consider taking it after consulting your doctor.

Cervical spine pain is a common problem and there is no need to pain. You can get relieve from it through medication and cervical traction easily.


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