Study shows which neck pain treatments are most effective

A really interesting study by CureTogether of 2,180 people with neck pain revealed which treatments were found to be most effective and which were the most popular.  Surprisingly, the results do not always coincide!

Here is a great infographic illustrating the results:

27 treatments for neck pain - which ones really work? CureTogether


The most effective treatments in this study were found to be myofascial release, yoga and massage.  Osteopath and chiropractic came in behind these.

The most popular yet least helpful treatments were found to be gentle stretching and rest, followed by exercise.

In general, I agree with the findings here when it comes to acute neck pain.  However, I have found personally that gentle stretching and exercise help tremendously in preventing my pain from recurring, and managing ongoing milder chronic discomfort.  The inversion table and Tai Chi are interesting, with some neck pain sufferers showing good results yet they are not very popular.

We’ll be sure to explore all these treatments here on Help, My Neck Hurts.

Link to full study:

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