Proper ergonomics when using the computer

Proper Ergonomics Can Help Relieve Neck Pain!

Sitting properly at your desk or workstation can really go a long way to help prevent and relieve neck pain and also relieve lower back pain.  In fact, poor habits such as slouching, looking down or sideways at your monitor, and reaching too far for your mouse can all aggravate existing pain, even if the origin of the pain is a different source.  Improper ergonomics can actually cause neck strain, neck spasms, shoulder pain, and back pain. Carrying your head too far forward can put up to 30 additional pounds of pressure on your neck!

This presentation will give you some great tips on ergonomics for computer users.  It’s great because it has some nice visuals that will help you get set up properly, so you can begin to take off some of the stress on your body that is causing you pain!  It will also give you some ideas for stretches to relieve strain while sitting at your computer.

Ergonomics – Some Helpful Tips:

  • Look straight towards your computer monitor, your eyes should look forward most of the time
  • Position your feet on a footrest to relieve lower back strain
  • Keep your shoulders relaxed (I know, easier said than done, but try to do shoulder rolls periodically to remind yourself)
  • Keep your hands in line with your forearms
  • Your monitor should be an arm’s distance away from your head
  • Eliminate reflection on your monitor
  • Keep accessories within easy reach

Things to do at your desk to prevent and relieve neck pain

  • Get up and walk around for 5 minutes every hour if you can
  • Only perform neck stretches gently, to the point of mild tension
  • Make stretching part of your routine – set the alarm on your phone or calendar if that will help remind you to do it
  • Keep moving!

As I was writing this I did all the stretches in the presentation, and it really does help!

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