Neck and back pain specialists

What to look for in a neck and back pain specialist

If you have dealt with neck or back pain for longer than you are comfortable admitting, its probably time to look for a neck and back pain specialist. You might not be sure what qualifications, certifications, and skills you should be looking for, however. We’ll walk you through the basics of finding a quality pain specialist in this article.


There are many types of specialists that deal with back and neck pain. Before anyone touches your spine however, they should have an idea of what is going on. Make sure that your neck or back pain specialist takes X-rays of your back before attempting to begin and physical manipulation of the spine. Failure to do so could result in severe injury.

Individuals who prefer Western medicine may want to pursue back pain treatment with an orthopedic surgeon, doctor of osteopathy, or neurologist. If you are open to some alternative medicinal care, consider seeing a chiropractor, massage therapist, or physical trainer. Eastern medicinal traditions such as acupuncture and oriental massage also provide treatments for neck and back pain. Any specialist you see should be professionally licensed, certified by boards or other key organizational bodies, and able to discuss with you the purpose and mechanism of each treatment.

Standards of care

Back pain and neck pain are delicate issues. Back pain specialists usually deal with other topics such as neck pain and joint pain. These professionals should be open and honest regarding your care, never begin a treatment without your consent, and be up to date on the literature in their field of specialization.

The standard of care in back pain is actually a combination of Western and nontraditional medicine. Many studies have demonstrated that neither back pain therapy and treatment via Western medicine or chiropractics alone is as helpful as a combination of the two. Additionally, although acupuncture does work for some causes of back pain, even trained specialists are not quite sure why.

No matter what the severity of your back pain is, any specialist working in your treatment should be willing to collaborate with other members of your treatment team from various medicinal disciplines.

Cost of treatment

Back and neck pain are two of the most common complaints in the general population. The cost of treatment varies by geographical region, your choice of specialist, and the type of care administered. In some cases, back pain treatment can cost as little as a few hundred dollars. In other cases, it can be exorbitantly expensive, and involve complex surgeries and hospital stays. The factors surrounding your individual case will determine the final cost.


Back pain specialists from many fields should be willing to collaborate in your care. Both Western and nontraditional medicinal disciplines can effectively treat back pain. You should, however, be wary of any specialist who does not examine you thoroughly and review an X-ray of the affected area before beginning treatment, however.

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