Four easy and helpful exercises for neck pain

Four Easy and Helpful Exercises for Neck Pain

In some cases of neck pain, simple neck exercises can be more effective than medication.  They can also be used to supplement other treatments like medication.  In this article you will learn three neck pain exercises and also one yoga exercise that can help you to get instant relief from neck pain while you are working.  Be sure to consult your doctor or medical professional before undertaking these or any other neck exercises.

1) Bending forward and backward

Sit straight on your office chair.  Slowly bend your neck forward till your chin touches your chest.  Hold that position for 5 seconds. It’s helpful if you can keep your eyes closed during this exercise.  Now slowly raise your chin and bend back your neck to its original position.  Open your eyes and drop your head backwards so that you can see the ceiling.  Hold this position for 5 seconds and bring back your neck to the original position.  Now take a deep breath.

Do this exercise 3-5 times every hour and this exercise will help you relax your neck, back and shoulders.

2) Rotating your neck

This exercise can be performed on its own or after the above mentioned exercise.  Loosen your neck and slowly start rotating  your neck in the clock wise direction.  Once you have completed a single clock wise rotation of your neck, rotate your neck in an anti-clockwise direction.  Return your neck back to its original position.  Please take care that you do this exercise slowly because in some cases your neck would be so stiff that if you move your neck very quickly it could increase the pain and stiffness of your neck.  Try to massage your neck and shoulders before and after this exercise with your arms to increase the relaxation.  Normally I use a balm or gel on my shoulders and neck before doing the above mentioned exercise.

3) Bending right and left

This exercise is a tricky one but it’s very effective.  This exercise is taught to patients who have suffered severe neck injuries in the past.  This exercise is intended to strengthen your neck and shoulder muscles, so its best to do these exercise in the morning rather than to do the exercise at your workplace.

What you do is to strict straight in your chair and slowly bend your neck towards to the left side, gently but as far as you can.  Try to touch your left ear with your left shoulder by slowly raising your shoulder.  Hold this for 5 seconds and return back to your original position.  Now do the same exercise by bending your neck towards the left side.  You may feel a little discomfort on you neck,but by regular practice you will find this exercise quite easy and rewarding. Like any other exercise, over time you can increase the holding of your neck in a particular position from 5 seconds to 20 seconds, but no more than that.

4) Breathing and posture awareness yoga exercise

Yoga has been proven to be effective in neck pain and bringing out an overall improvement in the way we breathe.  While breathing we should use the diaphragm instead of our neck muscles.

Sit upright with your feet firmly resting firmly on the floor, your knees should be lower than your hips. Close your eyes and place  your hands on your belly.  Now inhale and exhale deeply, bringing your awareness into your chest and collar bone.  Try broadening your collar bones so the front of the chest lifts up.  Now lift the crown of the head towards the ceiling.  Continue the inhale and exhale in this way for the next 10 deep breaths.  Try doing this exercise every hour so that you can improving the way you breathe and reduce the stress on the muscles of your neck.


We hope you’ve found these exercises helpful in relieving pain and tension in your neck.  Please leave a comment and let us know if these exercises or others have helped you.

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