Considerations when choosing a pillow if you have neck pain

What you need to consider when choosing a pillow to prevent or relieve neck pain

Neck pain, or cervical spine pain, is very common and according to survey reports, about 10-15% of people are suffering from it around the globe.  If you are a sufferer of neck pain, you know that it can be absolutely miserable and affect your life in many ways.  As you know that prevention is always better than a cure, and different kinds of pillows can help to prevent or to decrease the severity of neck discomfort.  The wrong pillow can also cause or aggravate pain in the neck, so it’s important to find the right one for you.

These are some of the things you need to consider when looking for a pillow to help you with cervical spine pain relief:

1.     Proper angle

Depending on the shape and height, different pillows will give a specific angle to your spine which in turn helps in neck pain relief.  Neck pain can be caused by an improper angle so it’s important to find a pillow that can help you to achieve the perfect posture alignment during sleep.

2.     Proper Pressure

Due to the type of material a pillow is filled with, your neck experiences a specific amount of pressure. This pressure can be a positive as it helps to retain the original angle of spine as well as provide a relaxing media for muscular relaxation.  Too much or too little pressure can make your pain worse.

3.     Proper Softness

The orthopedic pillows are filled up with a specific material that allows you to sleep in a comfortable manner. You can select the type of material as many types, such as feather pillows, water pillows, etc. are available for your comfort.  Again, you need the correct amount of softness to suit you – too soft or too hard will just cause you pain.

4.     Proper Stiffness

Pillows without enough support may also harm your spine. A proper pressure is therefore required to bring harmony back to your neck muscles.

A properly designed pillow can give you some badly needed relief from your neck pain.  The key is to choose a pillow with the appropriate attributes to fit your needs.

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