Spinal infections

Spinal infections:  symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment One of the most difficult to diagnose, and yet dangerous conditions of the back and neck is a spinal infection. These infections can occur for many reasons, present symptoms that may be confused with other phenomena, and in roughly 20% of cases can be fatal. In this post, we […]

Study shows which neck pain treatments are most effective

A really interesting study by CureTogether of 2,180 people with neck pain revealed which treatments were found to be most effective and which were the most popular.  Surprisingly, the results do not always coincide! Here is a great infographic illustrating the results:   The most effective treatments in this study were found to be myofascial […]

Shiatsu massage to relieve neck pain – effective or not?

Shiatsu massage to relieve neck pain – effective or not? What exactly is Shiatsu massage? Shiatsu is a deep tissue massage which is helpful in relieving chronic tight or painful muscles, postural problems, and repetitive strains. Shiatsu massage to relieve neck pain is often preferred by people who are shy about exposing their body because […]

Stiff neck treatment – how to relieve your stiff neck

Stiff neck treatment – how to relieve your stiff neck The stiff neck treatments mentioned below may help you relieve a stiff and sore neck. Please bookmark this page for future reference. 1. Place a warm water bottle or heating pad on your stiff neck for 20 minutes every one hour until the stiffness lessens […]

Four ways to get relief from a kink in the neck

Four ways to get relief from a kink in your neck If you are reading this article on getting rid of a kink in your neck then you have come to the right place.  There is a lot of questionable advice on the internet which could actually cause more harm than good, rather than curing […]

Laser back surgery today

Laser Back Surgery Today Suffering from chronic, and seemingly incurable back pain can lead to a desperate search for a cure. One route that many individuals with back pain have chosen to pursue in recent years is laser back surgery, but how effective is it? In this post, we’ll discuss what laser back surgery is, […]

Use neck stretches to prevent neck strain when you sit for long periods!

Relieve and Prevent Neck Strain by Performing Neck Stretches It’s so important when your neck is feeling sore and stiff, or just even as a preventative measure when you have to sit for long periods, to make sure you take breaks and stretch.  Hunching forward and repetitive motions can have a real toll on our […]

Neck pain therapy options

This article discusses some of the most common neck pain therapy options, as well as treatments to relieve lower back pain. Medications are the most common treatment.  Most patients are prescribed at least one medication and often two or more.  While effective in the short term, medication is not a substitute for other strategies for […]

Finding cervical spine pain relief

My goal with this blog is to share my own personal experiences with cervical spine pain, or neck pain, as well as with lumbar spine pain, or lower back pain, in the hope that it will benefit others who suffer from this kind of pain as well. Pain in the back and neck can be […]