Neck pain and cancer

Neck pain and cancer We all associate neck pain with the pain we get with tension and stress that results in tightened neck muscles and leads to a feeling of pain behind or at the side of the neck at the base of the skull. This type of neck pain often goes away or reduces […]

Spinal infections

Spinal infections:  symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment One of the most difficult to diagnose, and yet dangerous conditions of the back and neck is a spinal infection. These infections can occur for many reasons, present symptoms that may be confused with other phenomena, and in roughly 20% of cases can be fatal. In this post, we […]

Neck spasms – symptoms and treatment

Neck spasms – symptoms and treatment A neck spasm is a painful, involuntary contraction of the muscles in the neck. Neck spasms can be caused by many things, including poor posture while working or sleeping, injury, stress or overuse of the affected muscles. In this post, we’ll discuss the symptoms of neck spasms and their […]

Neck Pain And Dizziness – Causes, Symptoms And Treatment

Neck Pain And Dizziness – Causes, Symptoms And Treatment Do you know that a staggering 65 million people suffer from neck pain and dizziness every year in the United States alone?  The causes of neck pain and dizziness can be aggravated by and sometimes even pinpointed to our lifestyle – stress in the work place, […]

Spinal stenosis symptoms

Spinal stenosis symptoms Spinal stenosis, also called pseudo-claudication or degenerative spine disease, often shows up on MRIs or x-rays without any symptoms.  This isn’t really much of a concern, but may indicate that in the future, the individual may experience symptoms.  We’ll discuss the different spinal stenosis symptoms that commonly arise as the condition progresses […]

What you need to know about neck sprains

What you need to know about a sprained neck If you have recently been in an accident or had an injury which left you with whiplash or a sprained neck, you might not be sure what the diagnosis means and how it will affect your life. In this post, we’ll discuss what happens when you […]