The psychological effects of neck pain

Chronic pain can have a huge negative impact on your life.  It takes an enormous emotional toll. When I have neck pain it unfortunately seems to almost take over my life.  When I wake up in the morning (or in the middle of the night because of the pain), it’s all I think about.  I […]

What products actually help relieve neck pain?

Over the last ten years I’ve tried all kinds of products to help relieve or just manage my neck pain.  I’d like to share with you some of the products that I found to actually make a difference, as well as a few that I have tried but didn’t help at all. Most helpful neck […]

Top 5 ways I successfully manage my chronic neck pain

It’s been about ten years now since I have been suffering from chronic neck pain of varying degrees. It has definitely been an up and down journey, and one I wouldn’t wish on anyone. Dealing with chronic pain, even if it is not severe, is mentally and physically very difficult. I’ve been fortunate in that […]

Understanding Lower Neck Pain

Many individuals suffer from lower neck pain and would do anything to be pain free. The first step to relieving this type of pain is to understand that it is a common problem and that the cause could be located in the back or the neck region. Spinal problems can also be related to the […]

TENS therapy for neck pain

TENS therapy for neck pain Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation or better known as TENS therapy makes use of low-voltage electrical current to bring pain relief. It has been an effective method of reducing pain associated with muscle, joint or bone problems as well as for illnesses and medical conditions. TENS has been prescribed for those […]

Using kinesiology tape (KT Tape) for Neck Pain

Kinesiology tape for Neck Strain or Soft Tissue Injury Athletes use kinesiology tape, also known as KT Tape because it’s one of the top brands, for many types of injuries and the benefits are becoming more widely appreciated and used for a variety of pain including neck pain. You’ve probably seen professional athletes with that funny black […]

Good and Bad Posture and How it Can Affect Neck Pain

Good and Bad Posture and How it Can Affect Neck Pain If your neck pain is not the result of injury or other trauma, what you may be feeling could be the result of poor posture.  Poor habits while using the computer, smartphones, and tablets can exacerbate pain.  Tension and stress can contribute to poor […]

Proper ergonomics when using the computer

Proper Ergonomics Can Help Relieve Neck Pain! Sitting properly at your desk or workstation can really go a long way to help prevent and relieve neck pain and also relieve lower back pain.  In fact, poor habits such as slouching, looking down or sideways at your monitor, and reaching too far for your mouse can […]