Could A Standing Desk Ease Your Neck Pain?

From Forbes magazine to Facebook, there’s a lot of chatter about the benefits of standing desks for your health, happiness, and office productivity. In 2012, numerous studies started to emerge, with warnings about the threats of prolonged sitting to your overall health. Workplaces are gradually adapting to the findings, although in most modern offices workers […]

Neck and back pain specialists

What to look for in a neck and back pain specialist If you have dealt with neck or back pain for longer than you are comfortable admitting, its probably time to look for a neck and back pain specialist. You might not be sure what qualifications, certifications, and skills you should be looking for, however. […]

Spinal infections

Spinal infections:  symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment One of the most difficult to diagnose, and yet dangerous conditions of the back and neck is a spinal infection. These infections can occur for many reasons, present symptoms that may be confused with other phenomena, and in roughly 20% of cases can be fatal. In this post, we […]