Using kinesiology tape (KT Tape) for Neck Pain

Kinesiology tape for Neck Strain or Soft Tissue Injury

Athletes use kinesiology tape, also known as KT Tape because it’s one of the top brands, for many types of injuries and the benefits are becoming more widely appreciated and used for a variety of pain including neck pain. You’ve probably seen professional athletes with that funny black tape on some part of their body and wondered what it was.

This tape is a great all natural drug-free way to relieve neck pain, and since I’ve discovered it, it’s one of the first things I turn to when my neck is hurting.

Benefits of Kenesiology tape

Individuals suffering from neck strains or soft tissue injuries to the neck region have discovered that this special tape can bring relief and support and can also speed up recovery time.  The tape is elastic, easy to apply, usually waterproof and very comfortable to wear. It can stay in place for up to five days bringing relief from pain and giving protection against further injury.  I have used it numerous times when my neck pain flared up, and it really does help.  If you get a color of tape that is similar to your skin tone, it isn’t even that obvious that you’re using it!

Kinesiology tape has been successfully used for cases of whiplash, for those suffering from neck strain or those individuals diagnosed with torticollis, arthritis, or cervical disc disease. While wearing this tape individuals can experience improved circulation and full muscle and joint movement while feeling a reduction in the level of pain and as well as a reduction in the amount of swelling. Individuals suffering from neck muscle strain and tension as a result of normal activities like sitting at a computer desk for hours have also found taping to be useful as a way to reduce pain.

Neck pain can occur after a vehicle accident, because of poor posture or as a result of sleeping in an odd position. All of these situations can result in neck pain that may benefit from taping to the neck region. Neck taping may benefit if pain is experienced when lowering the neck, when pulling back the neck, or when turning or rotating the neck from side to side or in a circle.

How to use Kinesiology tape for neck pain

We have all experienced neck strain, neck tension and neck pain from time to time and many of us have not heard of or used kinesiology tape, which is why it is good to read about it and to understand how this type of taping can bring relief. Each of the above manners of pain requires the tape to be positioned differently so it is important to understand where to place the tape. First-time users should be told that when applying the tape to the sternocleido-mastoid muscle they might experience dizziness, which is normal and will subside when the tape is taken away at the end of the treatment.  You should have your doctor or physical therapist show you exactly how to apply the tape for your particular condition.

Just so you know, taping can be done for different body parts such as foot, hand, shoulder, knee and waist besides the neck. Taping has also been effective to treat conditions such as indigestion, stomach upset, diarrhea, food poisoning, constipation and menstrual pain.  It sounds crazy, but it’s true!

Taping has also been used as part of a treatment plan along with physical therapy in order to reduce pain and swelling, improve range of motion and improve circulation especially when an injury has occurred that resulted in neck pain. Your doctor, especially if he or she is pro-alternative medicine, may introduce you to kinesiology tape when designing your treatment plan. Taping therapy is recognized as part of modern medicine and has been used for problematic discs, frozen shoulder and other common disorders of the musculoskeletal system, and especially when neck pain is the result of problematic discs. Taping has an effect upon the body’s electromagnetic fields and it is these fields that carry data from the organs of the body or near the surface of the skin. The taping is placed in a manner to interact with certain points on the electromagnetic fields, which results in pain relief (Altermed).

As I mentioned, one of the oldest and most well known brands of tape is KT Tape, and you can find it here on Amazon.  This is the brand I’ve used, and it stays put for days, even when you shower and swim.

Here is a video that demonstrates how to use KT Tape for pain in the middle area of the neck.


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